January 29, 2010
almost ready.

It’s my last day of work. My plane leaves in about 40 hours, and I’ve more or less accepted that no catastrophic bike accident will prevent my being on board; I’m going. I’d have thought I’d be giddy at this point, and I am, intermittently. But I’m mostly impatient. I’ve thought as much as I can about this thing I can’t properly imagine (I should probably have looked at a guide book by now.) I’m also a lot less sanguine about the condition of my body than I was at the beginning of the week; at the gym on Wednesday, after less than twenty minutes of drills, the muscles in my upper arms were drum tight and burning hot; they felt so weak on my bike ride home home it was hard to support my own weight. I probably should have jumped rope beforehand, or something.

It’s 4:06. There are a lot of things I need to do before I can leave work, and then a lot of things I need to do before I can go home, and on like that. My office keeps getting interrupted by quick little flashes of Thailand; they’re not exactly images, though, because I don’t know what Thailand looks like.

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