February 3, 2010
& now i’m here

Out the window of the plane, Bangkok’s clean geometry of color and development remind me a little of the midwest.  Even at a minute from landing there are still more green sections than building sections.  Interspersed throughout are big rectangles of water, the size of several city blocks at least.  A few of them are a little wooly around the edges, with big green patches on their surface that look like giant lily pads; most of them are no-nonsense, though.  Some are bifurcated by thin land bridges, either vertically or horizontally, always dead straight.  As we get lower things start looking less midwestern: fringes on buildings like Chinese pagodas, and roofs everywhere in a weird shade of electric blue. 

I decide to hire a car from a desk at the airport, rather than deal with a curbside taxi; I had the foresight to ask Jitti how much to expect to pay for ride to the gym, but then I forgot to write it down.  I figure I am paying a 100% markup or so, but it’s worth it if I can streamline things a little, because I’m really tired; at this point it’s been about 40 hours since I’ve slept.  I don’t fall alseep in the car, but I drift in that direction.  The street signs are all in Thai, but the billboards are mostly in English.  The driver has on a Peter Gabriel CD.  I find out later it was more like a 300% markup.

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